Tradition, technology, skill, passion, creativity, style….this is Galà’s world.

We offer in our collections and in the made to measure only luxury fabrics like ply yarn and 2-ply yarns, with yarns 50/1, 80/2, 100/2, 120/2, and for the most demanding customers 140/2, 170/2 up to 300/2.

All our fabrics comply has Worldwide standards in terms of quality and they have the Okotex certification that guarantees that the shirt don’t contain neither release harmful substances dangerous people health.

Our product is exclusively dedicated to those who loves comfort and quality, and who believe that the shirt plays a key role in modern dressing.

Still today, as in the past our shirts continue to be designed and produced in Italy with the same passion and the most progressive technologies in all production steps…because it is the origin that makes the difference